Zagraniczne wzorce?

Z bloga Beara Gryllsa, naczelnika the Scout Association. Fajny gość, nie? Ma swój program na Discovery, wpis w księdze rekordów Guinessa i cztery razy był na Mt. Everest... Chcemy go spotkać, chcemy! ;)

I am so proud to be able to announce publicly the Scouts have appointed me as their next Chief Scout. It is a post that is a dream come true for me, as someone who has always just loved getting muddy and hanging out with good friends!

It is an honour I would never have even dare imagine as a young scout aged 7 sitting on a pavement trying to figure out how to cook one sausage with one match! (It took a while to work out the fire thing!)

But all I have ever sought in my life is the camaraderie that comes from high adventure, and this is exactly what scouting gives us all - the chance to dare to have a dream and the opportunity to follow it.

There are 28 million Scouts now worldwide and the movement is growing faster than ever before - and the scope for fun is HUGE!

So, I hope I can bring big ears and a big heart to all of you guys - I am here for you, through the email: and I hope to get round as many scout groups and camps as I can in between filming.

This post for me is about bringing the chance for those who would never normally be able to afford it or to find it, to have the opportunity to live a great adventure. This is all about you guys, the young Scouts, and the more of you I meet the more inspired I am. You are the future of Scouting and together we are all stronger.

And don't forget the inspiration you all are to others young people in your communities. People admire Scouts and what we stand for, so together we must help touch people's lives wherever we can.

God bless,
Bear x

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OlkA pisze...

Jakbym miała takiego naczelnika, to Polska byłaby piękna :P. Oglądałam kiedyś jego program, do tej pory pamiętam, jak wcinał jakieś robale.. Ciekawe, czy nasza naczelniczka potrafiłaby chociaż rozpalić ognisko choćby z piątej zapałki..